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Nashville Debt Relief Attorneys Offer Bankruptcy Services and Debt Relief Alternatives

Federally-designated debt relief agency customizes options for clients throughout Tennessee

Debt can be crushing for you and your family. Once you have fallen behind, catching up seems impossible, let alone getting ahead of the debt. But we can help. In addition to providing bankruptcy services to individuals and small businesses, The Nevin Law Firm is a federally recognized debt relief agency in Nashville, offering clients alternatives to bankruptcy. There are a number of alternatives available to those who are not ready to file for bankruptcy or those who are simply ineligible, and you can trust our debt relief attorneys to explore each and every option with you.

Five decades of aggressive representation on your behalf in creditor negotiations

One option available to those in debt involves negotiating with creditors to agree on a lower, more manageable balance. We know that it is in creditors’ best interest to negotiate and settle your outstanding debt through means other than bankruptcy, in which instance their ability to recover on your debt is severely – if not entirely – limited. Our attorneys offer aggressive representation in these negotiations in order to reach an agreement that enables you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. We frequently engage in negotiations on behalf of clients, and have developed important relationships with many creditors, better enabling us to reach a fair settlement than you are on your own. Debt negotiation and settlement is an area fraught with scams, so only trust a reputable and established debt relief agency like The Nevin Law Firm.

Trusted Nashville debt relief attorneys guiding you through debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is another option available to those mired in debt, and it involves moving all outstanding debts into a single debt. This generally occurs through debt consolidation loans that can be obtained through a second mortgage or home equity line of credit. Because your home can be used as collateral to secure these loans, this option could be a good fit for individuals and families who own their home and our debt relief attorneys assess your situation to determine whether this is a reasonable alternative for your debt relief needs. There are, however, potential consequences for your home and other property should you fail to meet your payments, so it is best to talk to one of our debt relief attorneys to determine whether this is a reasonable alternative for you.

Helping clients understand and navigate Tennessee debt management plans

Yet another option for debt relief is a debt management plan. These plans are generally offered in conjunction with credit counseling services, that help you work through spending and debt issues at a deeper level, so that you can dig yourself out of debt and stay that way. The process involves giving a certain amount to the counselor each month, who then pays your unsecured debts – those without collateral backing – according to a payment plan you develop with your creditors. Successful completion of a debt management plan requires that you make timely and regular payments. These payments occur over the course of time so that you can pull your expenses together and dig out from debt.


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