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Experienced Litigators Answer Your Questions About Filing Bankruptcy in Tennessee

Trusted Nashville attorneys help you navigate the complex bankruptcy maze

 Bankruptcy is a complicated process, governed by a difficult maze of federal and state regulations. There is substantial red tape and complex timeframes to navigate. It is beyond daunting to go the process alone and fortunately, you don’t have to. Anyone considering bankruptcy or drowning in debt and unsure of what to do should contact the experienced bankruptcy attorneys and debt relief agency at The Nevin Law Firm. We have five decades of experience handling these cases, and we can take on any size debt to help you get back on your feet.

How much does filing for bankruptcy cost?

It depends. Each type of bankruptcy is accompanied by different court filings fees that can range from a few hundred dollars to over one thousand, and additional fees are imposed throughout the process. The cost of your bankruptcy case also depends on how long the process takes and whether we encounter complications in the case. Attorney fees are set by the court and can range from one to several thousand. The potential cost of your case is something we make sure to discuss with you at the very beginning and we offer payment plans depending on your situation.

How long does a bankruptcy take?

Again, it depends on the type of bankruptcy and the circumstances of your case. Generally speaking, our experience suggests that most filers of Chapter 7 bankruptcy can receive a discharge in just a matter of months, putting you on your feet in no time. Similarly, under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can help you through the process of developing a repayment plan and having it approved in just a few months. Depending on your debt and the terms of the repayment plan, you could have anywhere from 36 to 60 months in which to fulfill your repayment obligations. While Chapter 11 bankruptcies may take a bit longer, the small business provisions of Chapter 11 provide for a streamlined and expedited procedure that our attorneys can navigate for you as quickly as possible.

Will I ever regain my credit?

It is absolutely possible to regain your credit after filing for bankruptcy. In fact, you can begin doing so immediately after a bankruptcy. Our debt relief team can counsel you on how to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy.

Helping you determine whether your debt justifies bankruptcy

This varies depending on the amount and regularity of your income. For those who are un- or underemployed, even what one might consider a smaller amount of debt may justify a bankruptcy in order to give you a fresh start. If you have a regular source of income and have simply been unable to keep up with your bills, our attorneys might recommend you consider alternatives to bankruptcy to handle lesser amounts of debt. We assess your debt and financial situation to determine if bankruptcy really is the best option for you.


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