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Nashville Conservatorship Attorneys Help Tennessee Families Protect Their Loved Ones

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Unfortunately, situations and circumstances can arise that affect our ability to make decisions and take care of ourselves. When this occurs to a member of your family or a friend, whether through a physical injury or mental health issue, the result is the same – your loved one is left vulnerable. In these challenging times, our first-rate attorneys can help by setting up a conservatorship that gives you the power to care for and protect your loved one while he or she is unable to do so. Protecting your loved one in times of need is your priority, and with The Nevin Law Firm, we make it ours.

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When a loved one is rendered unable to care for themselves and a power of attorney is in place, it would control. However, if your loved one did not have an established power of attorney, a conservatorship is necessary to make decisions and act on their behalf. A conservatorship is a legal arrangement, under which an individual is designated by the court to handle the affairs of one who is no longer able to do so for him or herself. Once established, a conservatorship enables the conservator to make legally binding decisions for the individual over whom the conservatorship applies, with respect to a number of possible issues:

  • Medical care and treatment
  • Residential placement
  • Real or personal property
  • Money and finances
  • Legal issues
  • Control of certain behavior, including the ability to operate an automobile and/or make purchases

A trusted Tennessee conservatorship attorney with an unrivaled reputation

Founding partner Ronald Nevin boasts an impressive legal career, during which he has come to be recognized as one of the most experienced conservatorship attorneys in Tennessee. He was appointed Public Guardian of Davidson County by the Metro Council and in this role helped individuals in need of a conservatorship but without friends or family able to serve. During Ronald’s more than 25-year tenure as Public Guardian, he helped thousands of Tennessee citizens, and he can help you and your loved ones, too.

Our compassionate legal representation guides you through an emotionally and procedurally difficult process

The determination and appointment of a conservatorship must be made by a judge, in court. The process is governed by Tennessee laws and various court procedures, which are too much red tape to navigate without an attorney. With The Nevin Law Firm, you can lean on us to counsel you through the process, and represent you in the necessary showing to the court as to why your friend or family member is in need of a conservatorship. This required showing generally involves an examination by a psychologist or physician. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the showing might end there, but the individual over whom you are attempting to establish a conservatorship can contest the effort. Where this happens, the process can become even more complicated. Given this complexity, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side, and you can trust The Nevin Law Firm to provide calm representation and legal expertise, from beginning to end.

What are the benefits of having a conservatorship?

A conservatorship is a highly regulated arrangement, which is one of its primary benefits. While the process for establishing a conservatorship can be complicated, the thoroughness of the process ensures that a valid medical need exists for the protection of your loved one. Additionally, because the court requires periodic updates and accounting of the conservator’s activities, your family can rest assured that everything is being done for the benefit of your loved one.


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