We pride ourselves in taking the time to listen to you and understand your specific needs...

The Nevin Law Firm has quality attorneys to represent you in many areas of law. In all of our cases, our goal is not only to do excellent work, but to educate you on your case and inform you of what is happening, when, and why.

Notable Probate and Estate Planning Attorneys Serve Clients in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Gallatin, Murfreesboro, and Surrounding Areas

A client-centric law firm puts personalized service and clear communication first

The Nevin Law Firm provides probate and estate planning services to citizens across Tennessee. Our practice focuses on key areas of the law that impact all citizens, but our approach is centered on each individual client. Our firm was founded on the reality that each client has different needs and legal goals, and only through personal attention and a personalized legal approach can we effectively be of service. We give honest case assessments, so that clients don’t spin their wheels and spend money on needless processes and procedures. No matter what direction you decide to take your case, we keep you informed and up-to-speed. And, of course, our attention and compassion is matched with aggressive representation, both in and out of court.

Five decades of experience joined by first-rate innovation in legal strategies

Ronald Nevin founded The Nevin Law Firm in 1972 and since then, the firm has been helping citizens in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Gallatin, Murfreesboro, and neighboring Tennessee counties. Ron has a reputation for success that he puts to work for you.

Representing diverse clients with diverse issues across Tennessee

Our clients come to us seeking help from a variety of debt-related and estate planning issues and they include:

·         Individuals and small businesses pursuing debt negotiation;

·         People seeking debt relief through debt consolidation, negotiation and settlement with creditors, or other options short of bankruptcy

·         High-asset holders seeking responsible and trustworthy estate planning

·         Families seeking probate administration or contesting probate

·         Individuals looking to plan for power of attorney or needing emergency appointment

·         Family members seeking conservatorship or guardianship of loved ones

·         Individuals seeking aggressive representation in high-asset will contests

Targeted expertise in debt relief and estate planning services

As a debt relief agency, we offer clients experienced representation and litigation support, or a variety of alternatives. In our Nashville estate planning practice, clients benefit from our expertise in drafting wills and setting up trusts, and we have helped many citizens protect their loved ones during circumstances that require a guardianship or conservatorship. In probate administration or will contests, our compassionate but highly capable representation protects your interests.

We provide comprehensive

probate and estate planning representation

Contact us at (615) 244-7708 to discuss your issues and explore your options. Every approach we take is focused on you and your legal needs, and we offer honest assessments of your case. We accept credit or debit card payments for many services. Our office is located in downtown Nashville, across the street from the Old Historic Courthouse and near the state capitol. We have plenty of parking for customers.