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Nashville Wills and Trusts Attorneys Provide Trustworthy Estate Planning Services to Clients throughout Tennessee

Guiding you safely through an important investment in your family’s future

 Estate planning can be an uncomfortable subject for some, because it forces us to think about the future after we are gone. However, this is precisely why estate planning is so important – because it allows us to shape a future in which our loved ones are taken care of, in accordance with our wishes. Instead of conjuring up negative or uncomfortable emotions, the legal team at The Nevin Law Firm empowers clients to view this process as an important means through which to gain peace of mind. With a plan in place, you and your family can rest easy that when the worst happens, your intentions for your estate – and your family – are honored.

Trust us to fully represent your wishes and intentions in a will

One of the most fundamental estate planning tools is the will, which is a legally binding document providing instructions on what happens upon your death. At the most basic level, a will details:

  • Who receives specific pieces of property
  • Who receives which assets and how much
  • Who is named as guardian of your children

Wills can also set forth conditions that must be fulfilled before a bequest is made, and details what happens if one of your named recipients is no longer able to accept the assets. Because these documents can be complicated and rely on highly legal terminology, it is best to trust an experienced estate planning attorney to draft your will.

What happens if I die without a will?

Dying without a will is called dying intestate. When this happens, your assets and property are not lost, but they are distributed without any regard to your wishes or your family’s needs. Tennessee law governs the distribution, and it varies depending on your marital status and whether or not you have children:

  • If you are married with children, your children and spouse receive your estate
  • If you are married without children, your spouse inherits your estate
  • If you are unmarried with children, your children receive your estate
  • If you are unmarried without children, your parents – if they are alive – or siblings inherit your estate
  • If no family members can be identified to inherit your estate, your assets become property of the state

Without a will, those with substantial assets stand to lose a significant amount of control over who receives what upon their death. To ensure this does not happen to your hard-earned estate, contact our respected Nashville attorneys to set up your will.

Here for you when your estate planning wishes or needs change

Our lives are constantly changing, and as circumstances in your life change, so can your wishes for your estate. Given this dynamic, estate planning is not a one-step process. It is important that your will and other estate planning tools are kept up-to-date, and you can trust our thorough and thoughtful attorneys to keep your plan current.


Don’t leave your estate to chance

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Everyone should have a will and you can trust The Nevin Law Firm to make sure your wishes are fully represented. Whether you are in need of a will or your situation has changed and you need to update a current will, there is no better time than today to contact our wills and trusts attorneys. Call us at (615) 244-7708 or come by our office, located across from the Old Historic Courthouse in downtown Nashville. We offer plenty of parking for clients and our office is easily accessible for commuters passing through the Music City Central transit station.