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Nashville Will Contest Lawyers Provide Strong Legal  Representation for Families in Heated Estate Disputes

Providing formidable representation with compassionate care to clients contesting wills

Losing a loved one is devastating, and the process of administering your loved one’s estate can just add to the emotional stress. This stress is heightened where there are problems with your loved one’s will. These problems can include issues of validity or execution, but larger issues can arise concerning your loved one’s mental capacity or unsavory influences impacting your loved one’s estate decisions. Where you or your family have reason to suspect something isn’t right, it is important that you contact an experienced estate planning attorney right away. Contests to one’s will have to be made during the probate process, so time is of the essence. The Nevin Law Firm has 50 years of experience helping families stay true to their loved one’s intentions.

Contesting a will can be stressful and emotionally-charged

A will can help safeguard a family member’s assets and property when created properly, but there are circumstances in which the validity of a will come into question. If you find yourself in this situation, the process is complicated and revolves around a maze of Tennessee state law. The attorneys at The Nevin Law Firm approach these cases with compassion and understanding. We aim to lessen your stress, not add to it. Through personal attention and assertive advocacy, we help you stay true to the intentions of your loved one.

With 50 years of experience, clients benefit from our estate administration knowledge and strategic savvy

The Nevin Law Firm’s clients are diverse and come to us with a variety of probate and estate administration issues:

Families who believe their loved one was taken advantage of by another and pressured to distribute his or her assets in a manner inconsistent with prior estate plans

Siblings who have been passed over in a parent’s will in favor of disproportionate allocation to a single child

Individuals left out of their loved one’s wills because circumstances or facts concerning them were misrepresented when their loved one created the will

Family members who fear their loved one was not of sound body and mind when he or she created the will at issue

Families in possession of a will that the court does not recognize as being valid

No matter the situation, our trusted attorneys approach each case as unique. We tailor your legal representation to your specific goals, and we take the time to honestly inform you of the potential outcomes.

Under what circumstances can a will be contested?

The validity of the will is always an issue the court takes into account during the probate period. There are also a number of grounds on which you can contest a will:

Undue influence – In the unfortunate situation where you believe your loved one was taken advantage of while drafting the will, and induced to distribute assets contrary to their true intentions, it may be subject to a contest during probate. The law provides for a remedy where the undue influence of another is thought to have played a role in your loved one’s current will, and our Nashville attorney team can advocate for your position.

Mental capacity – The validity of a will can be contested if there is a question as to whether your loved one was mentally capable at the time the will was created. If, through illness or disease, it appears that the necessary mental capacity was lacking, our estate administration attorney can help you bring the estate distribution back in line with your loved one’s wishes and intentions.

Fraud – There are different types of fraud that, where a factor in the drafting of a will, can create grounds for contest. Fraud is a legal concept that involves proving certain elements. Trust The Nevin Law Firm to determine whether fraud is an issue in your loved one’s will.


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Once a will has moved through the probate process and the estate has been distributed, it is no longer possible to contest a will. If you or your family have reason to think there is a problem with your loved one’s will, you must call us immediately at (615) 244-7708. Our offices are conveniently located across the street from the Old Historic Courthouse, and we offer plenty of parking for clients. Don’t let your opportunity slip away – act quickly.