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Although no one wants to think the worst, accidents can happen at any time and any place. When they do happen, being prepared is essential to providing for your family after your death. While these can initially be difficult conversations to have, it is never too early for estate planning. At The Nevin Law Firm, we discuss every option with you and tailor an estate plan that fits best with your assets and intentions for the future. There is a lot at stake, so you should not leave your hard-earned estate to chance.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the broad term used to describe a variety of services and tools that our attorneys use to make sure that when the unthinkable happens, issues surrounding your medical affairs, assets, property, and family members are handled in accordance with your wishes – not the wishes of others or according to impersonal laws and regulations. Clients of The Nevin Law Firm benefit from a variety of estate planning services, including:

·         Powers of attorney

·         Conservatorships

·         Guardianships

·         Wills

·         Trusts

There are valuable tools available to you, and with 50 years of estate planning experience, we recommend that everyone—regardless of income level or asset value—seek estate planning services. Those with higher income and asset values require more advanced planning, and we can help you determine your options.

Protecting you when you cannot protect yourself, through a personalized power of attorney

When the unimaginable happens, you may be left incapacitated and unable to think or care for yourself. In these situations, having a power of attorney means that decisions concerning your medical care or finances are made by someone you trust. By choosing a loved one to serve as power of attorney well in advance, you can have the peace of mind to know that your care is in good hands. At The Nevin Law Firm, we also advise clients on establishing conservatorships and guardianships, so your loved ones are protected and taken care of when most vulnerable.

Memorializing your wishes in a will

Creating a will is a fundamental part of the estate planning process, and one of the ways in which you memorialize – in a legally binding document – your intentions for assets and property upon your passing. Without a will, your wishes or personal relationships with your loved ones play absolutely no role in the distribution of your estate. Rather, substantial assets and beloved property can be distributed in accordance with pre-established and impersonal laws and procedures. Avoiding this situation is first and foremost in our minds when our team talks estate planning with you. You want nothing more than to protect your family’s future, and The Nevin Law Firm can help you do that.

Making financial matters easier on your family with trusts

A trust is a mechanism through which you can designate certain assets to be held for the benefit of a loved one, and trusts come in many shapes and sizes. A living trust is a good idea for many, especially those with $100,000 or more in assets, including insurance policies and home equity. Through a living trust, we can ensure your assets are appropriately distributed according to your wishes, and save your loved ones the cost and hassle of the probate process. These are investments in the future and you can trust our family to prioritize protecting your family. In addition to a will, The Nevin Law Firm can help you explore whether a trust is a good idea given your financial situation, and we walk you through the many options available.

There is never a better time than today for estate planning

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