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The Nevin Law Firm’s Estate Planning Attorneys Establish Comprehensive Powers of Attorney for Tennessee Citizens

Power of attorney – a different kind of insurance policy, protecting you and your wishes

Many individuals approach estate planning from the perspective of who gets what – and how – upon their death. But an important, and often overlooked, aspect of estate planning relates to what can happen while you are still alive but unable to think or act for yourself. Accidents come in all forms and can happen at any time. The worst accidents can leave you unable to think or act for yourself, at which point having a trusted representative becomes essential. Through a power of attorney, our Tennessee estate planners can help you protect yourself.

Educating Tennessee citizens about the importance of thinking ahead

A power of attorney is a legal arrangement through which you designate another person to make decisions for you in the event you are unable to do so yourself. Everyone should have a power of attorney but unfortunately, few people realize that until it’s too late. Having a power of attorney is akin to an insurance policy that protects you in the event of an accident, and by thinking through this issue early on, you can direct your care while you are still able and competent to do so. Trust our legal team to walk you through the benefits of establishing a power of attorney as part of your estate plan.

What happens without a power of attorney?

Without a valid power of attorney, when you become unable to think and act for yourself, the appointment of a trusted representative is made by the court via a conservatorship, in what can be a long, costly, and stressful process for your loved ones. While The Nevin Law Firm attorneys are skilled and experienced in conservatorship appointment, it is far more desirable to establish a comprehensive power of attorney well before it is needed.

Selecting the power of attorney protections that matter most to you

Generally speaking, a power of attorney is accompanied by an array of broad, potential powers from which you can tailor the arrangement that makes most sense to you. Included among the powers an individual with power of attorney can exercise for you when you are unable are:

  • Handling transactions relating to real or personal property
  • Completing income tax declarations
  • Providing support to your family
  • Managing medical care
  • Employing attorneys and/or other service providers
  • Managing accounts at financial institutions and other investments
  • Engaging in business
  • Making funeral and burial arrangements

While available to you, not all of these powers need to be built into your power of attorney arrangement. Through one-on-one attention to your potential needs and legal goals, we can help you personalize a power of attorney. Also trust The Nevin Law Firm to help you select a trusted principal – someone you can rely on in times of need.


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The unfortunate twists and turns of life can catch up with you at any moment. Before they do, it is important to think through safeguards for your future. You can trust our reputable father-son estate planning team to establish a power of attorney that fits your wishes and values. Call us today at (615) 244-7708 or come by our office in downtown Nashville. We are close to the Music City Central transit station and also have parking for clients. Credit and debit cards are accepted for many of our services.