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Legal Resources For Your Convenience

Below are some great legal resource links you can use for research, legal updates, and to guide you through the legal process. Included in this page are some great links we highly recommend to our own clients.

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General Legal Resources

Tennessee Statutes – This link allows the user to search all current Tennessee Statutes. They are arranged by Code Section for easy navigation.

Tennessee Rules of Court & Procedure – This link allows one to go through all the current Tennessee rules of civil procedure, criminal procedure, appellate procedure, and the rules of evidence. Additionally, from this page one can research the local rules of each individual court and the general rules for the higher courts.

Business Law Blog – This link is to a great local business law blog called Strictly Business Law Blog written by Attorney Alexander J. Davie, who practices Business law here in Nashville as well.

Find Attorneys – If you need an attorney in an area we don’t practice, this site is a great place to find one.

Bankruptcy Legal Resources

 General Bankruptcy Links

Bankruptcy Courthouse – for information on filing fees, the trustees, judges, and forms.

Credit Counseling Courses – When filing bankruptcy, the law requires the debtor to take a credit counseling course before filing the petition, and to take a course after filing the petition prior to receiving the discharge.

Map to Bankruptcy Courthouse – Find directions to the courthouse for your Meeting of Creditors or Hearings.

Credit Report – Get your free credit report here! This site let’s you obtain your credit report absolutely free, no credit card required.

Tax Return – Need a copy of your tax return? Order it from the IRS for no charge!

 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Online Payments – Use this link to create an automatic draft out of your bank account to make your chapter 13 plan payments.

Financial Management Course – Schedule your Financial Management Course with the Trustee’s Office.

Mailing Payments – Where to mail in your payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee.

Online Case Access – We highly recommend this link to our Chapter 13 clients. This Case Access allows you to track your plan payments, distribution, and balances in your case.